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Interviews and Press
  Margo Sorenson
Margo Sorenson and David Harrington
Margo and Spaghetti Smiles illustrator David Harrington at Andersen Elementary School, Nov. 10, 2014
Secrets in Translation

"Margo Sorenson, Secrets in Translation, and a Sip of Limoncello," Jama's Alphabet Soup, 10 October 2018

"Margo Sorenson—Color and Light," an article hosted on Dani Duck, Artist Obscure, 2 November 2018

"That's My Story," an interview with Regal House Publishing.

"Secrets of Limoncello," Margo Sorenson, on Dianna Hale's blog, La Bella Lingua

Spaghetti Smiles

The "What If?" question is the inspiration for Spaghetti Smiles, as Margo shares on Dianna Hale's blog, La Bella Lingua.

What powerful lesson has Margo learned from being a writer? Read this interview on Kidlit, Fantasy & Sci-Fi and find out!

Margo tucks into food—or foody books!—on the Nerdy Book Club.

Margo and Spaghetti Smiles are in The Desert Sun.

Middle Grade Mafioso reviews Spaghetti Smiles!

Spaghetti Smiles is featured in this November 2014 article in the Newport Beach Independent.

Kathleen Temean interviews Margo about Spaghetti Smiles and other favorite books.

Here's a video of a segment KESQ did on Margo!

Aloha for Carol Ann

Aloha for Carol Ann is featured in this article in the Newport Beach Independent.

Check out this interview Margo did with The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia.

Chris Henderson interviews Margo for her blog TheWriteChris.

Margo is the the Pasadena Daily Photo's guest author!

Margo has another post up on the Nerdy Book Club. Enjoy!

Check out Margo's Nerdy Book Club review of one of her favorite childhood books, Mistress Masham's Repose by T.H. White.

Chris Henderson interviews Margo about writing for the school market in a two-part blog on The WriteChris--On Writing. Don't miss the second part of the interview with Margo.

On Jama's Alphabet Soup, Margo shares behind-the-story information about Aloha for Carol Ann and some really good recipes for Hawaiian food!

The Pasadena Daily Photo featured Margo's story-behind-the-story for Aloha for Carol Ann as well as some of her other books.

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