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Island Danger
MuseItUp Publishing, 2012

When fourteen-year-old soccer star Todd arrives in Hawaii, he hears that radical, militant Hawaiian activists have hidden weapons in a nearby ravine to use for their rebellion against the U.S. government to gain Hawaiian independence. Even though he’s warned that people are raising marijuana or “pakalolo” in the ravine, guarding their crops with rifles, pit bulls, and explosives, Todd plans to scout the ravine and find the weapons, hoping he can finally earn his family’s respect and find some adventure to offset his boring summer. What will Todd discover in the ravine that could force him to rethink everything he’s believed?


Sorenson has peppered her characters' dialogue with a liberal use of pidgin—a sort of local slang dialect—giving the book an authentic Hawaiian feel. Adding to its authenticity is a very astute description of how native Hawaiians feel about their island home and the spirit of aloha. At an easy to read 81 pages of actual text, this book makes a great summer reading choice for middle graders. My own 5th grader has been enticed by the danger and intrigue the story-line promises and is excited to start it. As a parent, I appreciate that this book offers young readers that edgy danger factor, without also including the bad language and poor role models that often inhabit tween literature and love that this book appeals to boys. (Newport Beach Independent Review)

Sorenson does a good job of taking a somewhat unlikable main character at the book's beginning and show growth and a change to his initial prejudices of people and situations. There are also good lessons in the story on the importance of teamwork and not judging people based on looks or preliminary perceptions.I could see this being a fun and exciting read for tween age boys, so long as they understand that Uncle Tom's perceptions are more or less the wrong ones and that they should not go out and seek to stop dangerous criminal behavior–whether real or imagined. (Hawaii Book Blog)

Adventure-seeking tweens ages 9-14 will enjoy the e-book, Island Danger. When Todd, a 14-year-old soccer player in Hawaii, learns that militant activists have hidden weapons in the ravine to use for a rebellion against the U.S. government, he creates a plan to find them and gain his family's respect. But not everything's as it seems. (Pasadena Star News)

Island Danger
Danger Canyon,
Perfection Learning, 1996
978-0780755062 (library binding)
978-0-7891-0227-0 (paperback)
Ages 7-14

Two inner-city boys spend the weekend mountain climbing. After straying from the trail, they are trapped in a narrow gorge with two prison escapees and a hungry mountain lion on the loose.

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Recommended by Shenandoah Valley VA Youth Librarians. In legal and social compliance with the State of CA Dept of Education.

Danger Canyon
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Perfection Learning.
Perfection Learning, 1996
ISBN 978-0789102317 (library binding)
978-0-7891-0231-7 (paperback)
Ages 7-14

Judd dreams of becoming a firefighter, but his dad wants him to work on the family ranch. When a city kid with a know-it-all attitude and a motorcycle comes to his valley for the summer, a forest fire breaks out. How will Judd prove himself? Recommended by Shenandoah Valley VA Youth Librarians.

Visit the educational site of the Kern County Fire Department.In legal and social compliance with
the State of CA Dept of Education. Recommended as a resource by the National Interagency Fire Center: 
Wildland Fire.

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Perfection Learning.
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