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Tiime of Honor
MuseItUp Publishing, 2012

Fourteen-year-old Connor’s smart mouth gets her in and—luckily—out of trouble on her prep school’s debate team and in the classroom. On a field trip to the U.K., when she is suddenly catapulted into the year 1272, she finds her royal new friends’ lives are threatened by a conspiracy fueled by greed. When William and Maud learn that their father has been murdered on the Crusade, they beg her to help them find who is plotting against them. William must confront his enemy in battle, but what does Connor discover about herself and her ability to use words well when she tries to save her new friends—and herself?


With Time of Honor, Sorenson proves once more that she has what it takes to write a story perfectly suited for the younger audience. Again, she has filled the pages with mystery, and intrigue, (and murder, oh my!) but purposefully left out the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll elements. And, once again, she has hit it out of the park. (Newport Beach Independent)

Many books for teens and tweens revolve around life at school and after school activities, but debate isn't always one of them. But retired coach, Margo Sorenson, has changed that! Her latest book Time of Honor features debater, Connor, who travels back in time to the year 1272. (National Forensic League Alumni Newsletter)

Time of Honor
Tori and the Sleigh of Midnight Blue
North Dakota Institute of Regional Studies
Kindle e-book
Ages 8-12

Eleven-year-old Tori and her family are struggling with the Great Depression in North Dakota, and the death of her beloved Papa has been the severest blow of all. To aspiring writer Tori, everything is changing for the worse—her friends are acting too grown-up, and her little brother Otto invades her privacy. When a Norwegian bachelor-farmer begins courting Mama, Tori writes in her journal that her life will be ruined. What will Tori discover about forgiveness and acceptance as she tries to keep her life from changing?


"Set in North Dakota during the Great Depression, Tori And The Sleigh Of Midnight Blue by Margo Sorenson is a young adult novel about Tori Olesen, an eleven-year-old girl who longs to be a writer yet has to deal with daily hardships such as her family's meager income and living, the loss of her beloved father, her nosy little brother, and most recently, the intrusion of a Norwegian bachelor courting her mother. Tori's struggle to come to terms with changes in her life and her family is thoughtfully and believably told in this highly recommended read whose a message transcends its setting."

Learn more about Scandinavian Heritage. Click here.

Read what Margo has to say about the Norwegian tradition of making lefse. Click here.

What's it like to work with a university press? Read Margo's guest post on that topic for Cynsations.

Tori and the Sleigh of Midnight Blue
Barnes and Noble
(print edition)
North Dakota
State University
(print edition)
Secret Heroes
by Carla Mishek and Margo Sorenson
Perfection Learning, January, 2003
ISBN 978-0756912604 (library binding);
978-0789159922 (paperback)
Ages 7-11

A boy must find something special to write about for his class project. When he finally learns the history behind his grandfather’s stories of WWII, what else will he learn about one of his new classmates?


"With a great deal of sensitivity and care, Mischek and Sorenson have managed to convey the inhuman treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, the conditions in the concentration camps, how the inmates helped one another survive and the Death Marches near the end of the war to try to cover up their shameful deeds. And with the same care, they introduce kids to the internment camps where the US contained the Japanese who were living in the United States. And they learn about the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion made up of the Japanese American soldiers who volunteered to fight for their country and who were the soldiers who liberated the Dachau concentration camp."

Read the full review.

Instructional strategies for Secret Heroes

Secret Heroes
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Perfection Learning.
The Hidden Dagger
Perfection Learning, 1996
ISBN 978-0780755161 (library binding)
978-0-7891-0227-0 (paperback)
Ages 7-14

A 17th century English boy witnesses a lord's murder and must reveal the true killer before his innocent friend is convicted--or he is killed as the only witness.

In legal and social compliance with the State of CA Dept of Education.

The Hidden Dagger
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Perfection Learning.
Nothing Is for Free
Perfection Learning, 1996
ISBN 978-0780755284 (library binding)
978-0789116802 (paperback)
Ages 7-14

When Ike’s father loses his job during the Great Depression, the family must move to Ike’s uncle’s farm to live with his hated cousins, where they are definitely unwelcome. How can Ike handle his quick temper and still win out against his cousin?

Recommended in School Library Journal article, February, 1999, as one of five top picks for reluctant readers. Recommended by Shenandoah Valley VA Youth Librarians. In legal and social compliance with the State of CA Dept of Education.

Nothing is for Free
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Perfection Learning.
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